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Every day, Trump administration plays out like a comic strip

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To The Daily Sun,

I have tried to tolerate the president, but I no longer can. He is an embarrassment to us all. He has done nothing but take apart laws and rules put in place by others and then claim how great he is. He is a snake in the grass, as most politicians are. But, he is not a politician. He is a rich, spoiled real estate mogul and nothing more. Look into his investments, wives/mistresses, numerous bankruptcies, sexual assault complaints, etc.

He is a hypocrite to the core. He treats his seat of power as if he is playing the game Twister daily. He fires and hires people on whims. His staff is a mess because of his erratic behavior. His family should never have a say in anything! They should stay as far away from his elected seat as possible. It’s simply not theirs to have.

I am not a political person at all — you can ask anyone. I always try to see both sides, but I can no longer support this person as a leader. He is unstable. I cringe every time he speaks and tweets.

Someone needs to delete that app from his phone and give him lessons on how to speak publicly.

I pray this man does not bring us to nuclear war. He has already pushed numerous country leaders to the brink with his “mouth” and threats. He wants to sell off our national parks, thinks climate change is a hoax. He is keeping the rich even richer, wants to bring back coal, insults leaders and their countries, degrades women, wants to build this great wall of the USA, wants to send back children, and take away their education. Is this ALL fake news?

Trust me, I am sick of the freeloaders as well. I also believe if you’re not here legally then get legal or go home. I think our vets deserve better treatment all around. I think our elderly need more help in their later years and should continue to receive it. I never liked Obamacare, but we do need a system that works for all. We need more attention placed on the growing mental health system because it is going nowhere and it is getting worse. We need better gun controls in place for all of our safety. Our drug epidemic is out of control and I fear no end is in sight.

Every day he plays out as a comic strip for our country. It’s humiliating to me and many others. We used to be viewed as a “great” country, but I feel that status is falling. He won and he is here for three more years, unless he gets impeached which is unlikely. But, I will clearly say he is not “my president”, in the way I admired so many before him. He is just a brat with an Oval Office to hide in.

Denise C. Burke