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By 2020 angry men will be dinosaurs, women and minorities will rule

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To The Daily Sun,


I am tired of the Trump rants, you're not convincing anyone that this fraud should be president. Bashing liberals and Democrats? Really, boys, it's pathetic — what exactly has chump done for us? Nothing. You wanted to drain the swamp? You stocked the swamp, you elected a TV personality slash supposedly successful business man, who refuses to show his taxes. Why is he dismantling everything that keeps us safe from greedy corporations? A man who bragged about assaulting women — a coward, who thinks he's a hero.

You fools bought it hook line and sinker. I see you in public, thumping your chests, proud to wear the rapist red hat, flaunting your chump sticker, flying your American flag — it's disgusting. I'm not impressed, I'm appalled.

The tide will turn, there is a revolution going on, an awakening. By 2020, the Republican Party — all you angry men, will be dinosaurs — women will be in charge, minorities will be in charge, and you will have to accept the fact that bigotry, racism, and womanizing are no longer in "fashion.".You're Republican dribble bores me to tears, and everyone else who reads this paper.

The revolution is in full swing- deal with it.

Jennifer Abott