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Is it fair that private schools can reject students with disabilities but public schools cannot?

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To The Daily Sun,

SB-193 is due for a vote in the New Hampshire House this Wednesday. It is the so-called "education freedom" bill which will take public money in the form of vouchers out of taxpayers pockets to pay for private religious education. It is estimated that in the first year alone it will cost New Hampshire taxpayers an additional $31 million of already scarce revenue.

Equally important, it will begin the process of removing local control of education from our democratically elected school boards to private schools with no accountability to local taxpayers. Proponents of this bill claim it is for the children. Is it for the children that private schools can reject students with disabilities while public schools cannot? Is it for the children that private schools are not held to the same educational standards as public schools? 

If you care about how your tax dollars are spent and want to continue to maintain local control of education, please contact your New Hampshire House representatives and urge them to vote no on SB-193 on Jan. 3.

Paul T. Punturieri