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Mainstream Muslims must aid in effort to control terrorists

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To The Daily Sun,
An open letter to mainstream Muslims:
I have spent most of my personal and professional life quite heavily involved in technology (chemistry and physics; BA Chemistry). Like many of us, I am very concerned with the intolerable position taken by Islamic fundamentalists/terrorists and their belief in the indefensible position that Islamic law, or sharia, is an all-encompassing religious-political system, the only truly legitimate form of governance, and reject democracy and human rights values (Clarion Project https://clarionproject.org/understanding-islamist-extremism/) .
Now, this corrupt interpretation of Islamic law was not a problem during the time of the Crusades, when one of the most technologically advanced weapons was the crossbow. However, in the 21st century, these same fundamentalists/terrorists have access to AK47s, car bombs, portable WMDs, and other devices to kill “non-believers.” I believe the problem is that Islamic fundamentalists’/terrorists’ sociological development has stagnated, and for them it is still 1200 AD! As noted, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson stated, “In science, when human behavior enters the equation, things go nonlinear. That’s why physics is easy and sociology is hard.” I interpret this in broader terms to mean that technological development is “easy,” sociological development is “hard.”
Mainstream Muslims must take the initiative to bring their perverse brethren into the light of modern Muslim beliefs, take all required steps to control this dangerous faction and prevent them from conducting further acts of terrorism, and other deviant behavior referenced in sharia, or accept the fact that the rest of the civilized world will take the required actions. Since sociological development takes so long to take place (even longer, when one does not want to change) we need to exterminate this dangerous faction of Islam — utterly and completely. Until we do so, all advanced social civilizations of the world will not only, have to remain on “high alert,” but accept the fact that we can not prevent every terrorist plot, and humans will continue to die for the immoral idea of sharia.
Paul R. Lituri