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Fuel company draining me with non-delivery-day charges

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To The Daily Sun,
A few weeks ago, I ordered fuel for my home. Delivery to my park is on Wednesday. I knew the fuel truck was in my park on Wednesday because I saw them.
On Friday of that week, I decided to take a look at the gauge and found I was pretty close to running out. I called the company and told them to come give me a full tank. I was informed it would cost me $105, plus the cost of fuel, because it was not the day for delivery. Because I have assistance with my heat, that would mean I would only have $100 left of assistance, since a tank cost $644.
Today is trash day, Tuesday. Guess who is in the park delivering fuel to another person getting assistance. You guessed it. These non-delivery days are costing the elderly poor the much needed assistance and gouging the state assistance program. If you are on assistance and getting fuel on a non-delivery day, you need to let the people in charge of the assistance program know and tell them who the company doing the gouging is. It could mean the difference between freezing to death or being somewhat comfortable.
Assistance is trying to help the elderly poor and working poor get heat. This gouging is making the system unable to give the help needed.
Bev Buker