Report shows county delegation appropriated enough to cover 2017 expenses, without supplements

To The Daily Sun,

Rep. David Huot really took me to the woodshed in his Dec 5 letter. Well, at least he used my name as his strawman. My previous letter about the shell game was in reference to the misleading budget numbers fed to The Laconia Daily Sun by the county administration. He'd like the readers to think I need a lesson in how budgeting works.

While the good representative was penning his smoke and mirrors rebuttal, he and his constituents would have been better served by looking at the upcoming, proposed 2018 county budget. If he had, he might have noticed that the amount originally appropriated for 2017 (prior to two
wasteful attempts to get a supplemental appropriation) appears to have been more than adequate for county operations for the year. The county administration projects that the 2017 expenses will total $27,067,571, which is $419,892 less than the $27,487,463 original appropriation. So,
to answer Rep. Huot's question, wouldn't it be nice to have a little left over? Yes, we had that well covered without the drama of crying for supplemental appropriations.

I will commend Rep. Huot for the use of quotation marks surrounding the word surplus, as they indicate the use of a euphemism. The reality is that "surplus" is simply excess taxation, which I strive to keep to an absolute minimum.

Rep. Mike Sylvia

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