Commissioners’ lack of respect for delegation is behind county tax carnage that lies ahead

To The Daily Sun,

In the three budget cycles since the Belknap County Delegation voted to approve the funding of a new corrections center, overall county spending has increased by $2 million. Supposedly, the decision by the delegation to return one third of that amount to county taxpayers because of a budgetary surplus in 2014 led to the carnage that lies ahead — an increase in county taxes of over 30 percent.
I remember when Commissioner Philpot stated in 2014 that the delegates were bad people trying to do bad things. He instigated the hiring of an expensive Exeter law firm to insist that county commissioners could move money around at will. He was wrong. The commissioners lost their case and taxpayers were stuck with the bill.
Surpisingly, past is prologue. Commissioners still rail against past and present delegation members and again have threatened legal action if the budget is not funded to their liking. If we malign those with whom we disagree, problems fester. Sooner than thought possible, 2017 has become the reincarnation of 2014.
Dick Burchell
Gilmanton Iron Works


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