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In SF, liberals were just looking to satisfy their idealism

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To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday of last week there was a letter in The Sun from a Mr. Wysynski who proved to be another with a propensity for not checking his "facts" before writing of them. A letter on Friday by Rick Notkin pretty much covered the issues I had with that letter so I won't add much to it.

I would like to mention my recent experience with background checks. I recently bought two guns, one from an online auction and one from an auction I attended. Both of these transactions included background checks on me. In that same time period I sold three guns where the purchasers were required to have background checks done. The myth of background check loopholes is just that, a myth. I have in the past requested that people who believe these myths to try to by a gun "legally" without a background check and so far I've seen nothing.

The tragedy in San Francisco, a city which as far as I'm concerned is guilty of murder, only occurred because the city didn't follow federal law. It was compounded further by the jury finding the perpetrator not guilty. He had a record of seven felonies and had been deported five times but in the city where Tony Bennett left his heart, the jury apparently left its brains. Again the gun got blamed. The last thing they requested was to see the gun. Remember the gloves? Shortly after they said they had reached a verdict. The defense said that when the perp picked up the gun, wrapped in a towel or something, and it went off because of its hair trigger. The gun was stolen from a locked car belonging to a ranger of the Bureau of Land Management, who is actually an officer of the law.

Unbeknownst to most people is the fact that guns made exclusively for personal carry protection and for law enforcement have no mechanical safeties on them and because of that they have extra-long trigger pulls, which makes it impossible to accidentally fire by picking it up, especially if wrapped in something. I have to assume that, because he was a law officer, this gun was so equipped. The jury, made up of leftists, was just looking for a reason to acquit him to satisfy their idealism. I hope the parents of Kathryn Steinle sue the city into bankruptcy and if I was an attorney I would gladly work for nothing on that law team.

Dave Schwotzer