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DeVoy & Taylor are in way over their heads as commissioners

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To The Daily Sun,

To The Daily Sun,
A recent letter to the editor by Belknap County Commissioners DeVoy and Hunter Taylor is indeed, sad. Unfortunately, both of these commissioners are clearly unable and incapable of being good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. It is simply not in their political agenda.
Both commissioners want to continue to grow government just like many former Washington politicians who were rejected by the people in 2016. Tax and spending is not the answer, nor has it even been a responsible solution. It can be a vision and dream without a coherent direction.
As Paul Harvey would famously say, “... and now the rest of the story.”
Belknap County Delegation meeting minutes of Nov. 2, 2015, and Feb. 16, 2016, show that the delegation, wished to reduce existing debt services by using available monies from the fund balance. This decision,would make room for new debt to be realized, from approval of an eight million dollar bond, to fund a Community Corrections Center. These two commissioners, DeVoy and Taylor, refused the polite suggestion and went off on their own merry way in denial to follow a dream.
Strike Number 1: On a unanimous vote, the county delegation passed a responsible budget for Fiscal Year 2016 and rejected the flawed plan of both Commissioner DeVoy and Taylor.
Strike Number 2: With a majority vote, the county delegation approved a responsible budget for Fiscal Year 2017 and once again rejected the flawed financial plan offered by Commissioners DeVoy and Taylor.
Strike Number 3: On December 8, 2017, the Belknap County Delegation will listen to a budget presentation for the fiscal year 2018 from these commissioners which would raise your county taxes, if accepted, by 33.7 percent. I suspect this is a strike at the county delegation membership, who have in my opinion, acted as good stewards for the county taxpayers and county services.
I feel confident, the majority of delegation membership will act judiciously, in presenting a meaningful budget that is consistent with statutory obligations. The commissioners are unfortunately, way over their heads as county leaders.
They should both step down from their positions before more damage is done to the taxpayer. A true Republican has genuine respect for the cherished principle of “term limits” and now these two men can demonstrate respect for that principal by returning to the private sector soon.
The delegation membership, needs three cooperative leaders to work with, in order to solve difficult county financial issues. Right now, there is only one.
Lastly what is very troubling is the angry tone in their recent letter. Clearly, signs of some memory loss with fictitious facts. As we all age, these traits can signal early symptoms of dementia which can become a challenge for anyone at any age. I truly hope this is not the case here with these commissioners.
Brian Gallagher