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We all know ownership of firearms is anything but unregulated

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To The Daily Sun,

As usual, a couple things caught my attention in the op-ed section during the week. First in line, Bob Wyszynski (Thank you for your service, Bob) said in reference to firearms "No right can go completely unregulated." Now, come on, Bob, we all know that private ownership of firearms is anything but unregulated. When anti-gun folks bring up the issue they speak in generalities like "stronger controls," "universal background checks," but I have never read or heard what exactly they mean or what would be involved. I'm not about to give away any civil right to an over-reaching Marxist/socialist-controlled political party, like the Democratic Party has become. At this point in history liberal Democrats want to control speech, redefine our dictionary and decide everything and anything people can do, think or say. That's called communism.

Scott Cracraft exemplifies this, saying, "We guys don't get a vote on reproductive rights." Well, Scott, I disagree, because this is more than just reproduction. It affects the moral, ethical fabric of society, plus as long as federal, state, county or community taxes are used in any part, it becomes our (men's) business, too. Unless, of course, you want to either give men a tax reduction or women an increase in taxes, though I think that would not be met with approval by women. Ah, so it goes.

Related subject: Denise Burke thinks Planned Parenthood should continue to be funded by the government. Well of course, never mind its illegal actions or the fact that it is an industry that is fully capable of running independently without tax money. Then she snidely tells us we think women who get pregnant, unmarried, with no daddy around are immoral — correct? No, Denise, you don't get to paint all those who oppose your position with an implied smear. You can no more read minds than I can. And, oh yea, great letter by George Burnstad responding to Denise's the other day. Well said, George.

One other letter by Louise Sargent on the subject. Louise believes consciousness begins with a baby's first breath of air. She is entitled to her opinion, but as far as I know there is no evidence for or against that idea. Plus, not sure what relevance it makes except to justify killing a human fetus for no other reason then convenience.

On one other topic: Alan Vervaeke had a solid statement on pet ownership; I agree wholeheartedly. Well said, Alan. Then of course there was his statement that no responsible officials advocate eliminating gun ownership. Now, we all know that's just not so, Alan. Many elected officials have nothing more in their hearts and minds than to copy European-style gun bans. Also please knock off the Nazi BS on Trump because it's your leftist heroes who are acting like the Nazis did.

Steve Earle