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With Republicans, no more deducting the amount you spend on local taxes

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To The Daily Sun,

The Wednesday, Nov. 29, Laconia Daily Sun, has three articles on local taxes. Front page is about "County tax skyrockets," and inside are "Laconia property tax bills in the mail today" —also "Wolfeboro tax rate rises 2.4 percent to $14.98." We wait to see if the new Trump/Republican tax changes do the dastardly thing — having us pay tax money on money spent on taxes. No more deducting that money spent on taxes, when doing April/IRS figuring. Let's see.

In the discussion about the great and wonderful breaks for the wealthy — we thereby deplete the funds for doing infrastructure rebuilding and upgrading. What about that promise, which both parties identified as a real need in our 50 states?

Lynn Rudmin Chong