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I need some examples of how racial injustice today now matches the unrest of the 1960s

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To The Daily Sun,

It's always interesting to note that the Trump and Fox News haters always fall back on "racial injustice" when they can't win an argument with facts.

Mr. Vervaeke states that the reason NFL viewership is dwindling is because of the number of people with laptops. Hilarious. You can watch TV on just about any electronic device on the market today, so I'm guessing my explanation is closer to the truth than his. But back to racial injustice. Mr. Vervaeke offers no evidence to support his assertion that "racial injustice" is the worst since the late 1960s. We're in 2017, not 1960. In case he missed it, we've recently had an African-American president and currently have a significant number of minority Congress-people now serving, not to mention numerous business people and CEOs. So, perhaps Mr. Vervaeke could give us an explanation of what he calls "deep-seated racial injustice," and maybe a few examples.

I'm not sure exactly what Mr. Vervaeke is trying to accomplish with his response to my letter, but it certainly isn't anything that will make America a happier and safer place. Maybe at some point Mr. Vervaeke can acknowledge that, even with all our problems, we're all lucky to be living in the best country in history. God bless America.

Chuck McGee