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They propose to pay for religious & private education with taxpayer dollars

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To The Daily Sun,

John Dewey and Horace Mann and millions of others, (including our highly qualified local superintendents of schools, their staffs, and our school boards) have worked at creating excellent public school systems.

Going back to the beginning of our democracy and the purpose of public schools, Adams and Jefferson ceased to argue when it came to public schools. They were firm in calling public education the key to our democracy. They and others that followed were clear in the importance of the citizenry being taxed to pay for education, the separation of religion from public education, and education being provided by well-trained individuals.

Centuries later we have a group of persons in our Legislature who are attempting to cleverly alter public education via a system of vouchers for religious and private schools. They have proposed to pay for religious and private education with taxpayer money. They will take millions in funding from our public schools. I find it disgraceful that elected officials like state Rep. Cordelli would support such a program without consulting our school boards or educational professionals. It may be hard to research some of the issues facing legislators but it isn’t hard to get basic information about programming and funding for our local schools.

We need to have elected officials who will vote to do what is best for the most. Our representatives ought to work for us, not Sununu, DeVos, Edelblut, Trump, or others who wish to destroy our schools.

Susan Wiley