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Everyone who loses a loved one needs a dynamic support team

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To The Daily Sun,

Every day I see family members of our hospice patients go through various stages of grieving. I follow the course of every empathetic hospice nurse and give constant, heartfelt support to them. The tears, anger and emptiness these families endure tugs at my heartstrings every time.

Recently, I lost my grandmother. A tough, feisty woman with end-stage Alzheimer’s dementia. Her disease process was slow. It took 15 years for her to succumb to this horrible disease and be at peace. After her death, I realized several things: This wasn’t the first time I had lost her, the disease had taken her from me many years ago; that the tears, anger and emptiness I helped families of patients go through was now happening to me. I realized that what I needed most was someone who could give me constant support, someone who had cared for and knew my grandmother to console me. I needed a person that somehow connected me to my grandmother.

During this time, I realized I needed the support of a hospice team whose empathetic hearts, kind souls and vast knowledge of the grieving process could help me navigate through this roller-coaster ride of emotions and see that there is a way to feel happy, feel at peace after my grandmother’s passing.

I realized what my hospice team does every day is invaluable and they are an amazing group of caregivers.

I wish that everyone who loses a loved one could have such a dynamic support team surrounding them, caring for them and sharing memories that help to guide them past sadness and into a place of peace.

Jennifer Legassie, RN

Community Holistic Advanced Practice Nurse

Hospice Director, Chief Clinical Nurse

Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice