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We'll never be able to stop someone who wants to cause mayhem

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To The Daily Sun,

On Nov. 8, Robert Joseph thankfully took the time to remind us that he has a BA in history so we shouldn't question his interpretation of things. Apparently the history of firearms wasn't part of that course as he doesn't seem to have much knowledge of it. He thinks the 2nd Amendment should be "upgraded" to reflect the "current use of specialized weapons." I guess he spent so much time studying history he failed to pay any attention to his civics course because, if he had, he would know that you can't "upgrade" an amendment. There are times when I wish I could "upgrade" the 1st. Amendment to require people to know something about a subject before speaking or writing about it.

But I digress. Getting back to guns. The guns that have been used in the attacks by deranged people are semi-automatic rifles. There are millions of them in this country. The first semi-auto rifle was produced in Germany in 1885. The first semi-auto rifle that was produced in this country was the 1903 Winchester .22 followed in 1905 by a .35 cal. So you see, Mr. Joseph, semi-automatic rifles have been around for a very long time and the only thing that has changed is their appearance. Also the first semi-autos were not produced for the military, they were produced for civilian use. Hmm, must have slept through that one! With a couple of hours time, a few tools found in any work shop and a can of paint I could make any rifle look like the dreaded "assault style" rifles that are available today and people would be just as dead if shot by them. So you see, Mr. Joseph, your "upgrade" would accomplish nothing. There was a ban on assault style rifles from 1993-2004 but it was allowed to sunset due to the fact the FBI data showed that it didn't make an iota of difference in gun deaths. Also,if you consider 300-500 million firearms puny, Mr. Joseph, I have to think you must have also slept through math.

The laws that are in place, if followed, would have stopped some of these attacks but, like anything else in life, it's impossible to stop them all. Just as you can't stop somebody with a bomb, a car or truck, a bladed weapon etc., you can't stop somebody with a gun eho wants to cause mayhem. I emphasize with the families of those who have lost their lives and the victims themselves but it's the world we're living in today. Being able to protect yourself is a start but even that isn't a given. Remember, when seconds count the police are minutes away. That's not meant to disparage police, it is just a fact.The life of a policeman today is rife with danger and the unknown and they need to be appreciated. (I'm including about 99 percent of them in that statement)

My suggestion to people is this: Stop letting your kids watch and play violent video games so they won't grow up thinking that it's okay to act that way in life, take firearms courses so you can protect yourself and your family, learn what the truth is before believing what you read or hear and be aware of what's going on around you. It seem's that most everywhere an incident occurs the residents comment "I never thought it could happen here." Well it did and it can.

Dave Schwotzer