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Can we expect real statesmanship or that just me dreaming?

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To The Daily Sun,

Is the Trump Tower of Babel leaning toward chaos? Is the president clever or just a little crazy? Clever has a base in reality and control. Crazy is all about being out of control and unpredictable. In the next couple of months we will have some clarifying of whether he is out of control or he has been cleverly manipulating the political scene. As Chuck Todd would say, "What is the end game?"

Is the president still listening to Steve Bannon and the threats pouring from his mouth or is the president starting to realize that cooler heads in Congress are calling for compromise? Compromise is difficult but possible. How refreshing would it be to see solutions to our health care dilemma, our immigration mess and the federal budget deficit. Establishing a funding process that includes infrastructure rebuilding in the disaster areas and addressing our rapidly deteriorating roads and bridges would be a nice Christmas present.

Is it just me dreaming a nightmare while awake, or is there a similarity between what happened to the Roman Empire and the direction our current leader is taking us? Is he more clever than those who presided over the Roman decline? Even though he seems to have papered over the rift between him and Mitch McConnell, his running battle with John McCain may gum up some legislative plans.

As he strolled out onto the Asian stage this week, did others have some speaking parts? Or, did those he met with just smile while he ranted? Will his trip be just another photo op? Will there be substantial progress on trade, cooperation on the Korean peninsula problem and will China promise to curb the availability of drugs that originate there and find their way into the U.S. to be distributed to our weakest citizens? Can we expect real statesmanship, or is that just me dreaming again.

I think what we are really seeing is the State Department in chaos. We have a member of the cabinet who is in charge of the department. Actually he is just trying to be in charge. Rex is really presiding over a culling of saner heads and replacing them with those who are willing to get with the program as defined by the current president. So, is Rex one of the saner heads, or is he checking his dignity and self-respect at the door along with his hat?

Bill Dawson