Remember our ‘forgotten’ vets who aren’t entitled to benefits

To The Daily Sun,

As Veteran’s Day approaches, I want to thank all of our veterans who have served, those currently serving, and those who support them. Perhaps you know of some veterans who were drafted or joined the military that I consider to be “silent” or “forgotten” veterans but men and women who served just the same. These people are not entitled to any veteran-associated benefits and were told that they would not be eligible while still in their youth; (many, literally, one day shy of eligibility). The one example I would like to share is for those drafted in their late teens during the Vietnam War who served in the National Guard for years. Agreeably, they did not see war time outside of the U.S. to meet the official definition, but they did honorably serve to stand ready and took great pride in serving this great country.

We all see and understand the role that the current National Guardsmen and women fulfill with many serving multiple tours but the object of this letter is one of thanks and not comparison or entitlement. To all of you out there serving in all branches and supportive roles, a huge thank you!

D. Chandronnait

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