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MIllions of gun owners aren’t responsible for cowardly acts

  • Published in Letters

To The Daily Sun,

Reading yet another "well reasoned" call for banning modern firearms from Robert T. Joseph Jr., his arguments have no basis in fact. His claim that there are more cars than guns out there is particularly bogus. The commonly accepted number of firearms in America is well over 300 million, and at least 12 million of them are AR-15's alone. One of them belongs to me. Are you telling me that somehow I am now complicit in the murder of innocent people simply because I own a gun, too? Your arguments are beyond stupid. Let's apply your twisted logic to another modern marvel, the proliferation of personal computers.

Absolutely everybody has at least one. Between PC's, smart phones, tablet devices and such, you can bet that way more people own them that own any kind of gun. The vast majority of us keep our electronics for good and legitimate uses. However, occasionally some sexual pervert will use their PC to lure our under-age girls for immoral purposes. We read about such disgusting behavior way too often. By your reasoning, Mr. Joseph, should all of the rest of us have to give up our computers because of the obscene acts of a few mentally ill individuals?

This fake logic could be applied to any number of every day items that we all take for granted in our lives. Your example of motor vehicles is another one. Way more people are killed or maimed in highway crashes every year than are killed by guns. Way more kids drown in swimming pools than are killed by guns. Ten times as many people die of medical malpractice each year than are killed by guns. Only 3 percent of all gun deaths involve long guns of any kind. However horrific these mass shootings are, statistically they amount to just another holiday weekend in Chicago.

We millions of gun owners are not responsible for the cowardly act of murder by one or two insane monsters. And we will not be shamed into giving up our guns for events that are not our fault.

Alan Moon