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Yes, we want to see differences of opinion among Republicans

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To The Daiily Sun,

Here is how I feel about the latest comments Speaker of the House (and practicing Catholic) Paul Ryan made recently during one of his very rare interviews. In his opinion, he thinks that we don't want to hear or see his fellow Republicans fighting or disagreeing with one another in a public setting.

I say this to Speaker Ryan: I respectfully beg to differ with you. Contrary to what you may say and think concerning us citizens not wanting to see or hear your party bicker and argue in public ... oh, we do ... yes, indeed we do! In point of fact, we would love some honesty — just for a change of pace. We would love it if your pals in Congress finally decide that it’s long past due for them to be truthful with the American people. Yes, please, Speaker Ryan, for a change of pace, air your dirty laundry in public. We are so very tired of constantly watching and hearing two-faced politicians.

We are finally starting to see the very thin veneer and public persona of your party, showing rifts, breaches, cracks, fissures and maybe even a few craters. Those fissures, breaches, cracks and craters now have names. They are as follows: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Bob Corker.

Bernadette Loesch