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Our flag & anthem are signals of symbols of service, sacrifice

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To The Daily Sun,

I think a recent letter by Jim Vervaeke must have been one of those where “l haven’t heard from myself in a while.” He did point out that Mr. Ewing stated in his letter that professional athletes could lead the way in doing many great deeds — and indeed they are — but let’s not forget what this is all about. Taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of what? At first it was one player, yes, one player who felt he was being treated unfairly by management. The player happened to be black. Then others joined in and went to racism and police brutality and a couple of other issues — all legitimate to many.
I don’t consider myself a racist or a bellyacher and I doubt if thousands of other veterans and Americans who feel the same way I do. I also believe individuals have points to be made and appreciate those points and often agree with them, but to use the flag or national anthem and then refer to Rev. King, who believed in bringing people together?
You think this has helped in bringing people together and helping the injustice as many see it?
Mr. Vervaeke, I do enjoy your writings at time, as I do others (Mr. Meade), but you are way off here, sir. Yes, my grandchildren and yours will overcome because they’re smarter than we are, hopefully, but when you’re pointing fingers remember that old saying, “always three pointed back at you?”
The flag and anthem are symbols and meanings of service and a sacrifice. Think you mentioned in the past you were/are a veteran, you understand. Thank you for that service and sacrifice. We can stand together for the flag and anthem and fight injustice together?
Bob Jones