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Disappointed in Sun for treatment of invisible fence story

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To The Daily Sun,

I was somewhat disappointed to see the treatment that the Daily Sun gave to the Laconia City Council and its actions regarding the “invisible fence” issue.

In the front page article entitled “City Council Turns Tail,”,it appeared that the primary purpose of the story was to entertain the reader through a series of puns while at the same time criticizing the council for seemingly reversing course.

From a somewhat different perspective, it seems that the Mayor and Council did exactly what they should have done in this situation. They received a complaint, studied it and began to formulate a tentative resolution. Then, upon hearing clearly from the city’s residents that the proposed action would be highly unpopular and unwanted, they stopped the process and decided to stay with the status quo.

In other words, they listened to and acted upon input from their constituents.

Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?

Paul T. Fitzgerald