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I’m for gun control, but we live in a violence culture

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To The Daily Sun,

I am definitely for gun control: background checks, banning of assault weapons, etc.

But I heard the head of the NRA say something the other day that is true, should be shouted from the rooftops over and over again: Hollywood and TV are to blame for encouraging violence generally - guns, explosives, etc.

Everyone knows that TV shows are all about violence. A few years ago in Chicago, a student of mine told me that he had been to six funerals in that year — all, of kids he had known who were killed in drive-by shootings. When I asked my student if he knew the causes, he said, "Sure, movies and TV. They glorify violence."

It is true and warped enough that we live in a "gun culture," but it is the even sicker and uglier fact that we live in a larger "violence culture" of which guns are only the dominant and visible expression.

We can and should pass gun-control laws, but until we civilize and humanize our ideas of mass entertainment, we'll remain a "violence culture."

Richard B. Davis