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June M. Huot (9-21) 311 CHARLIE'S ELECTION

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To The Daily Sun,

To The Daily Sun,
Last week, L. Michael Hatch wrote what I considered to be a gracious congratulations of Charlie St. Clair’s victory. It was a sincere, fair gesture. He also admonished Gisela Goucher’s ridiculous assertion that Charlie had used a 20-year-old photo in his campaign literature.
I really wish that Mr. Hatch had stopped there. Instead, he criticized Ray Buckley for calling this win a “trend” and further alluded that this was a “single” event — one in which the Democrats should rejoice. He also commented that Hillary’s reappearance will only help Republican candidates in 2018.
Now, to be perfectly honest, I have to protest. Charlie’s win is not the sole Democratic victory. If you take a look at the numbers, it actually was a pretty impressive win. Charlie lost Belmont by only 6 votes. In Laconia, he tied in Ward 1 and won the other 5 wards. Both Belmont and Ward 1 are historically Republican strongholds. Also, I’ve spoken to folks that I know voted for Trump, and then voted for Charlie. I can’t imagine that anyone would think — Hey. Charlie is a great guy — very dedicated to Laconia and the Lakes Region. But ... I hate Hillary, so I guess I won’t vote for him.
Hillary has, as I see things, three options: She can divide the Democratic Party, she can fade away, or she can utilize her vast knowledge and experience and help unite the party. I’m hoping that she picks door #3.
If I were the Republicans, I’d be taking a long look at those numbers. Also, Hillary isn’t going to be on any ballot in 2018. I’d be more worried about the prospect of some 20 million people losing their health care. I’d be following the Mueller investigation very closely and I’d be especially concerned that our president walked into the United Nations and threatened North Korea with nuclear annihilation.
June M. Huot