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Most of you writers on the left have absolutely 20 sense of irony

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To the editor,

Alan Vervaeke claims to be an "activist" for positive social change or something along those lines. And thank goodness we have him among us, keeping a critical eye on letter writers. I don't know if the man believes he is qualified to render judgment on what others write in The Daily Sun. He sure talks like he is a "legend in his own mind." And, my goodness, doesn't he sound like one of those progressive elitists who is just so much smarter than most of the rest of us. And apparently, he is just so darn cocksure that he is on the proper side of politics and imbued with the correct ideology, that he can chastise those who dare to disagree with unfiltered impunity. It must be just so warm and fuzzy living in his cerebral palace, soothed with the best of intentions. Wouldst that I were there too? Umm, please God, No!

Now Alan apparently has enough tact and intelligence to avoid the nastiest of name calling. So hopefully, he doesn't think that I am a racist because he didn't say so. No, no, I'm just a "poor thinker" in his eyes. You know, one who repeats the "rantings and ravings" of a "neo-conservative" like Dennis Prager. I think he is one of the finest people in talk radio; he treats all callers with respect. But of course, Alan seemingly knows better because he feels righteous enough to label Dennis as someone who speaks to "rile up the mindless." And how does Mr. Vervaeke back up such bodacious balderdash? Are you ready? Because "vomit is vomit." Well, there you have it. Proof positive that Dennis Prager is a um,"a yucky person?" That pretty much sums up the rationale by Alan as proof positive, to demean Dennis.

And, now, here comes Alan, about the fifth letter writer who thinks they are qualified to demean me and scold me into not writing or perhaps, as Alan decrees, I can write something worthwhile on my own and then he will give me my due and respond accordingly. Geesh, don't do me any favors, Alan. I do read the columns from a great many conservative/libertarian writers tis true. And I give them their due and name them because they are great minds, have great integrity and know their history. I wonder who Alan respects as writers?

Sorry Alan, but it is you, judging by the patronizing putdowns in your letter, who sound like a mouthpiece for American progressives, parroting their totalitarian vision. The vision which amounts to telling the rest of us how to act, and what to say, and how to think, and who we should listen to, in order to live our lives without being verbally sullied and debased by the likes of you. You may be a nice guy in your private life, but your letters give the impression that you envision yourself as a part of the progressive thought police. Do you really think you evoke compassion and tolerance when letters such as the one you just wrote offer nothing more than name calling and demonization?

So perhaps I am a poor thinker, but judging by your latest letter of character assassination, you have failed to do any thinking at all. It appears you have no concept of irony, like most of the other writers of the left. You demand tolerance, diversity and openness from the right, while spewing forth nothing but intolerance, groupthink and narrow mindedness. And here's a thought Alan. I think I can live the rest of my life quite well if left alone, without any further responses from you. But please do keep on writing. Like Hillary Clinton, your condescending jabberwocky will continue to do wonders for the cause of conservative politics.

Russ Wiles