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Conservatives from all professions are being attacked

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To The Daily Sun,

The other day I got a history lesson from Dennis Prager about the Marranos. The term was a name given to Jews in medieval Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. Dennis reports that they had to secretly maintain their Judaism while living as Catholics in public. He was referencing that because of what is happening today in our society. Actually, he could have been talking about conservative Jewish students on college campuses who dare not speak out in opposition to the groups of leftist Jews and secularists who are chastising the Israeli people as the aggressors and the Palestinians as the peaceful victims of that alleged Jewish aggression. I have previously written about Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) groups that are anti-Israel. Those groups are angry, loud and forceful. Jewish students who are leftists and mostly vote for Democrats are eager participants, while conservative Jews remain silent for fear of being ostracized. This is just one more example of the bludgeoning of free speech on college campuses.

Dennis was speaking about conservatives in 21st Century America. Most astonishingly, he is referring to half of the population of this country. And of course, regarding about half of those, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton assured the nation they were positively deplorable and irredeemable. Dennis was specifically talking about the response he got from silent symphony orchestra musicians who dare not even whisper out loud that they lean toward conservatism. Most of you are probably unaware that the left-wing members of the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra and the Santa Monica city government tried to prevent Mr. Prager from conducting a Haydn symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall a few weeks ago. Thankfully, they failed and Dennis was able to conduct the symphony to a sold-out audience. One small victory for free speech.

But let's be crystal clear about this issue. Conservatives from all professions are being attacked, demeaned, denied promotions and ostracized for verbalizing politically incorrect speech or "gasp" supporting the wrong candidate. Examples of conservatives being physically attacked on college campuses or forbidden from speaking there, are legion. Today's conservative Marranos live in fear of speaking out in business meetings, conferences and social gatherings when someone expresses a view they strongly disagree with, reports Dennis.

How in the world could a country that is known, more than any other, for it's rock ribbed belief in freedom of speech and liberty, have possibly unearthed the wretched, Marrano tradition upon half the citizens of this country? Who could have predicted it? "But given the intolerance and hatred on the left and it's dominance over almost every area of American life, such an individual would have been a prophet," says Dennis Prager. Even now, ESPN, the NFL and Miss America pageants have been bitten by the hatred and intolerance of the progressive left. When will it end, and who will rise up to fight this tyrannical dragon whose roots are anchored in Marxism, socialism, fascism and totalitarian ideals? We must first bring an awareness of the evil among us and recognize that it has seeped into every crack and crevice of our lives.

Russ Wiles