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How can killing your own baby possibly bring peace of mind

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To The Daily Sun,

Here are a few notes on abortion:  

Abortion is wrong; the murder of an innocent child is horrifying to say the least. With the widespread use of contraceptives, abortion is essentially unnecessary except in unusual cases, such as rape. But crazily enough, there is a website where women actually brag of having abortions. (#ShoutYourAbortion is that website.) There one can find that the SYA contributors boast that "Abortion is normal" and even say it brought peace of mind.

How can killing your own baby bring peace of mind? And if having an abortion is "normal" then why would pregnancy be a part of the mammal life process?
The slaughter of a child, before or after birth, constitutes ending a life and is murder, plain and simple.

Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell