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Judge asked Bristol to settle with me but they spent $18k in court

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to respond to Shaun Lagueux’s letter regarding the town of Bristol spending $20,000 on my complaint. During the initial conference call with the judge the town’s attorney conceded there were problems with the absentee ballots (transcripts available). The judge asked that we try to settle this but the town refused, spending about an additional $18,000 going through the court. Meanwhile, the town addressed the problems with the absentee ballots anyway.

Shaun Lagueux, an employee of the Town of Bristol who runs a Bristol Facebook page, has been quick to publish everything about this case. He claims to be informing the taxpayers of Bristol on where money is being spent. Oddly he has never once mentioned the actual lawsuits against the town and what they are costing the taxpayers. For example; Fantasias vs. Town, Francis vs. Town, utility companies vs. Town, and let’s not forget the cost of having the police chief on paid administrative leave.

If Shaun Lagueux really wants to keep the taxpayers informed, he should focus on publishing all the facts instead of his agenda.

John Sellers