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Another great 4-H experience; let me tell you about the $660 pie

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To The Daily Sun,

The story about "the pie" probably slipped by the news because it was late on Sunday, toward the end of the Belknap County 4-H Fair.
It is such good news, it'll be a story told for days to come! Anyone who has been to a fair knows that a lot goes in to making it happen, including the expenses of the fairgrounds, so when the fair has a simple, fundraising "pie auction,"every amount is dire needed.

I attended this years 74th Annual 4-H Fair event on it's last day, and I happened to see this pie auction going on, and I was marveled. I actually heard one pie go for $75 and I thought, "wow!." Yet, I was running out of time to see the exhibits so I just walked past. Later on, as I was heading to my car, I heard an auctioneer yell out, "$300, do I hear $300?" I thought, "gee they must be auctioning off animals." When I reached my car it was parked next to an antique car, and the gentleman was getting in it. I made the comment he had a nice car, and then chatted about the fair. This is when I learned that
it was not animals — it really was for a pie! He said that he was one of the 50 or so people there, explaining that it was an amazing experience. Telling me that the pie truly went for $660!

He said two sides of the room were betting, more for sport than pie, since they knew it was for a real good cause. He said the room was electric, with folks pulling out from their pants and purses any amount that they had to contribute. Finally one side was $330. and the other $320.
He went on to say that the lady who held the $330 announced, that if the other side would come up with ten more, to match the $330, she would give them the pie AND she would also contribute her $330!He said the excitement peaked when they screamed in applauseto have a pie go for $660!

I'm so glad I heard about the now famous pie; thank you to Ralph Jesseman for telling me this story!

I also want to thank Becky Levesque, who introduced my family to 4-H over 20 years ago. 4-H is for both adults and children, you'll get many experiences — and stories — to remember! I feel electric just telling you about it!

Valerie Kimball