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Those statues are history that needs to be taught in our schools

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To The Daily Sun,

With all that is going on — and the piling on by political people — to do away with all the statues of Confederate ways memorabilia, stop! Slavery has no place in the USA but what they are destroying is history and that is something that needs to be taught in our schools so as to learn that slavery and racism is not tolerated. But to many just want to jump on the boat have no idea what it is all about. If people are so intent on destroying things and history related to the Confederacy, then the Democratic Party must be wiped out because the majority of the slave owners they are defacing we’re Democrats.That means some modern-day presidential history, statues and buildings will need to be torn down, abolished and renamed.

Sad some one like Al Sharpton leads the pack and he is in effect being a racist in is own right by his loud chatter and besides did he ever pay the taxes he owed or was he forgiven by Presedent Obama?

I hope you will stop and think before you follow or do something to erase history. This is a free country we should accept all races who live in this world as equals and accept them as such.

Gary Manson