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Fire chief should just keep his thoughts about Trump private

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To The Daily Sun,

In the August 9 Daily Sun, Mr. Joseph took a letter that showed my distain of the Laconia fire chief calling the president of the United States a “moron” and an “embarrassment ”and totally spun it to many untruths. I don’t care what party the president is from, keep your thoughts private.

Mr. Joseph also said he did not recognize Mr. Trump as our current president. Now we are getting a better picture of Mr. Joseph. To set the record straight, I do not know the chief personally but is sure he is a decent man, but if the chief puts out the rhetoric of "moron" and "mbarrassment" in a public forum it can come back to you.

Mr. Joseph states we don’t need a wall because immigration has been reversed. (It's sad he doesn't know why.) The difference we have on immigration is that I want it done legally. He cites an unnamed survey that veterans show great distaste for our president. Well we all know where you find your surveys.

Here’s a survey for you. Obama had a 36 percent approval rating with the military after his two terms (source: Military Times).

I agree McCain is a war hero but a lousy senator who should retire.

Your response to my letter was not to honestly protect the chief's words. (That you agreed with) But to spin a narrative of your political views and a dishonest critique of what I said. I support our firefighters and EMT’s and don’t need you to print otherwise. Your candidate lost Mr. Joseph, so get over it.

And by the way ,Mr. Joseph, because you asked if I served in the military and my son is a police officer, I proudly fly the American flag and my father fought in WWII.

I will not respond to your garbage again as I can turn on MSNBC if I want to hear your views.

Thank you Randy Bartlett for your honest letter of giving the president a fair chance to do his job and all work together to find a positive solution to the opioid crisis.

Kevin McCauley