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Six thousandths of 1% doesn't constitute widespread voter fraud

  • Published in Letters

To The Daily Sun,

Deroy Murdock, in the Union Leader of July 14 says that "vote fraud", aka "voter fraud" is a more serious problem than Democrats say it is. His "concrete proof" consists of examples of votes by dead voters over recent years going back as far as 2000, adding up to 7,474 votes.

Assuming that all these votes favored Democrats, this number as a percentage of just the 2016 presidential election, in which more than 122,000,000 votes were cast, is 0.00612 percent, justifying Katy Tur's claim that "Nobody has found any widespread instances of voter fraud". Six thousandths of 1 percent doesn't sound widespread to me.

This seems to me like partisan bickering.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich