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Image you're in the Army & Captain Donald Trump is your commander

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To The Daily Sun,

It seems that those on the right have all the right answers and dispute all letters posted with different views than theirs. I address this to Mr. Meade, Mr. Wiles ,and Mr. Earle, who like myself are old school veteran

Just imagine, gentleman  you are assigned to the 553rd Engineer Battalion in Orleans, France. Your company commander is Captain D. Trump,  Executive officer 1st/LT Jared Kunshner and your platoon leader was 2nd/LT D. Trump, Jr. The battalion commander, after hearing complaints of confusion, lying and being unfit for military duty were relieved of duty. The captain was reduced to private and sent to prison for six months and received a dishonorable discharge. The two LTs were reduced to private; one was put on KP (dishwasher) the other assigned to post police (picking up cigarette butts) until further disposition.

Well what do you think veterans and readers? Did anyone in any branch of service ever remember this happening. So fast forward and the situation we are in now gets worse by the day, let's hope what will happen happens soon. So, right wingers, dispute this buttercup

Henry Osmer