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Beliefs & values of evangelical Christians just as valid as yours

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To The Daily Sun,

Whoa! Didn't Alan Vervaeke have a banner day trashing Rev. Jim McCool and all Christians in Thursdays paper? Seems we all choose to be Christians for one thing, rewards in heaven. What a terrible thing! But we are not Christians if we question or oppose an ideology that for 1,400 years has engaged it intimidation, terrorism, wars of conquest and oppression. According to Alan what we are supposed to do is "shut up or go home".

There is an old expression that a tree is known by it's fruits not it's roots. The roots of Christianity may be seen by some to have been in the dirt but it's fruit is that Christians try ( that's try) to follow the teachings of Jesus, peace, love, and forgiveness, but we are human, not perfect, but we try Alan. So that brings me to Alan and his religion. Yes religion — secularism, the worship of nothing greater then self aggrandizement and political philosophy of Marxist-socialism. Now where is it those roots originated from if not in the dirt and filth. The Bolshevist's started with war, murder and military conquests. They rejected human rights in favor of totalitarianism and thought and speech control. And what are they still doing today on collage campuses? Telling people to shut up and go home, still. How morally superior of Alan and the left.

Those on the left like Alan and James Veverka just hate Christians, especially evangelical Christians because they won't shut up and go home. And worse we on the right have the audacity to reject the politically correct trying to shut us up. Our opinions are just as valid as yours. We base them on our beliefs and values which are just as valid as yours. And where is your proof that there is no God? And regardless of God or no God, why do you omit any criticism of Islam where it's followers do not believe in human rights, do not believe in free speech, women's rights, gay rights or any of the rights you say you hold dear?
Now how about you show us proof there is no God or take your own advice and "shut up and go home."

Steve Earle