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I’m Alan Vervaeke, not James Veverka - get it straight

  • Published in Letters

I want to sound like Foghorn Leghorn when it comes to Steve Earle because ... "Ah say, ah say, Hey Boy! All the good ones go right over ya haid!!"

This makes the third time in the past six months that Mister Earle attributes my writings to James Veverka. Now, I know that our names LOOK similar, but we write completely different! James is a facts guy, and I'm a feelings guy, Steve! It's just not that HARD!

Now I understand that Gilford Elementary has some excellent reading teachers in case you want to bone up on your comprehension. But then again, if you truly comprehended much of anything you read you wouldn't be the easy target that James and I (and now others) have come to love and appreciate! Now just remember, MY name has 3 E's in it. You CAN still count - right ?

So in the meantime, just give your hate and discontent a rest while you bone up on your reading skills. Our sensibilities can use a rest.

Alan (not James) Vervaeke