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Many of Mr. Cracraft's columns have been mean & hateful

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To The Daily Sun,

You only need to gut through reading another painful opinion column authored by E. Scott Cracraft to know why the progressive-liberal Democrats lost most of their government representation during the last election. Couldn't you just feel the hate seething from every word he writes.

It seems like Just a few weeks ago Mr. Cracraft wrote a column about bullies and hate speech, only to write a column full of bullying and hate speech, but this is his usual writing style.

Being the arbiter of the truth and what is right for society, it must be very challenging for Mr. Cracraft to live among us rubes. He asks us how we could have elected a "mean, narcissistic, misogynistic psychopath" as the president of our country? Most American's evidently felt we just replaced one that held that title from 2008 to 2016.

Mr. Cracraft himself shouldn't be throwing rocks from a glass house. Many of his columns have been very mean and hateful to those who don't agree with his ideology. In his recent column he tells us, "your ignorance is NOT as good as our knowledge." Sounds like the rantings of an egotistical and conceited individual to me, qualifying him to join the ranks of a narcissist.

I encourage Mr. Cracraft to "say more loudly," as he suggested in his recent column, to press his superior ideological views upon us "victims of the poor socio-economical class" (translation: you poor, ignorant, stupid people). While you blame the "right wing media," please think about this; The Laconia Daily Sun will print your separate attack on me in the editorial pages. This is a luxury they never used to afford a conservative columnist (ask Doug Lambert). The same paper published negative Trump articles on a daily basis throughout the campaign while writing nice puff pieces on Hillary (please feel free to fact check that).

Nonetheless, it's unlikely Mr. Cracraft will ever see the real blame for the Democrats' loss (some might call that ignorant). Here's a hint. It's not what he didn't say, it's what he did say.

Terry Stewart