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Maybe find someone of opposite political views & give them a hug?

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To The Daily Sun,

A few wise men came together to decide, if they could, the answer to an ancient mystery. Which came first; politics or money? I know, they left out love, but not to worry because it was always there. From the beginning love bound people together. When love started to wane, people started to lie. And that, my friends, is how politics came to be. In order to make people listen to the political lies, money had to be invented to provide something to fight over.

Some wanted to save money. They were called conservatives. Others wanted to make sure the least of us had some money. They were called liberals or some other names that were less laudatory. Both of those parties held popularity contest called primaries, during which vast sums of money were spent. They finally nominated the candidates who
told the biggest lies and had them vie for the highest office. More great sums of money spent and more lies were told.

One day those who had been lied to elected one of the great liars. He holed up in a tower until he moved into the big white house. He said his main job was to drain the swamp in and around the big white house. That, of course, was a lie because the only water close by was the Potomac River. The area near the river was sometimes called the "foggy bottom," but it didn't need draining. He soon got a little bored with the swamp and decided to build a wall quite a ways south of the big white house. While he was getting ready to do that, several hundred of his buddies were drawing up plans to destroy our health system.

By now those who voted to "make America great again" were scratching their heads. It was not because of any itch that needed attention. Instead, they were mystified. They started thinking that maybe it was time for them to keep an eye on their money, keep their loved ones close and put all those political promises in the trash can with the other garbage.

The moral of this tale is a caution to all: Be alert, search out the truth and love freedom. In this season of lent we are supposed to give up or sacrifice something so that we are in the right frame of mind during the Easter season. Maybe each of us could find someone of the opposite political view and give them a heart-felt hug. Give them a little unconditional love before things get completely out of control as we follow our clueless tweeter into more dangerous times.

Bill Dawson