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How is it racist, mean & nasty to express pride in your country?

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To The Daily Sun,

Academia-mania has hit an all-time anti-patriotic, politically-correct low.

The Valley High School student council was guilt-tripped into apologizing for students wearing red, white and blue during a game at a basketball tournament in Des Moines, Iowa. This display of our country's colors apparently offended members and the community of the opposing school because of its refugee population.

Recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma, students were not allowed to bring flags to their "USA Night" festivities. One high school in South Carolina would not allow flag-waving in the stands because the flag waving had allegedly been used in the past to taunt Hispanic players on opposing teams.

Will someone please tell me how it is now racist, mean and nasty to show pride for your own country? Or why refugees and immigrants living in this country are offended by that display of patriotic pride? Would we be offended if we were welcomed into Mexico and the students there waved Mexican flags during a basketball game or wore the colors of their country? It would not have crossed my mind to be offended. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Thanks to Matt Vespa of townhall.com for pointing out examples of the lunacy of political correctness in academia today. Of course we know that this insanity is due in part to teachers imbuing a belief in young students that America is just not a very nice country.

Of course, this too is yet another example of the progressive-left convincing folks that expecting foreigners who we welcome into this country to assimilate is just plain racist, mean and nasty. Democrats and the progressive-left in this country apparently are not able to comprehend the irony of their ideology. Perhaps that is why they are not paralyzed by what should for all intents and purposes be debilitating "cognitive dissonance."

Please look it up and then reflect on their actions, the irony of which should keep them up at night. It apparently does not because, after all, they have good intentions and so the often damaging results of their well intended actions and deeds are irrelevant to them. Crazy right?

Russ Wiles