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Don Guarino is, by far, the best choice for Gilmanton voters

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To The Daily Sun,

Over the past few months, it appears as though I have developed a reputation for harboring spite toward all town officials. I would like to emphatically stress that this is not the case. While I maintain respect for our selectmen as individuals and appreciate the trials that come with their duties, the fact remains that there are obvious flaws in the current administration of the town of Gilmanton. Most notably, it is undeniably clear that present Selectman Marshall Bishop has a clear conflict of interest that without question interferes with his ability to perform his duties in an unbiased manner.

On Nov. 18, the Gilmanton Planning Board issued a cease-and-desist order in reference to Bishop's business, the Gilmanton Winery. Bishop has subsequently filed a lawsuit against the town of Gilmanton. It will be impossible for the Selectboard, especially Selectmen Bishop, to separate the personal from the professional when making decisions in regards to his own business. I'm inclined to believe the town would agree with me as well, as just last year it passed three separate articles that addressed conflict of interest. It's similar to a CEO suing his own company, and being deluded enough to think the business will succeed.

For these reasons, myself and the other citizens of Gilmanton must consider alternative candidates in the upcoming election on Tuesday, March 14. Don Guarino would be, without a doubt, what is best for this town. With his numerous years of experience as selectman, he can lead our current board. Having served with Guarino myself, I am positive that he not only has the best of intentions for the town, but also the ability to represent the desires of Gilmanton residents.

Ralph Lavin