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Change name of Obamacare to make it Republican

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To The Daily Sun,

Well, here we are, one or two tweets from President Trump's first address to Congress. Will he propose a budget, or continue to talk in generalities? Will he discuss legislation proposals or just infer what Congress should create? Does he have a dollar amount that would be required for his precious wall or will he let Congress come up with the cost and method of payment? Will he continue to insult the Mexican president or will he offer new ideas for solving the immigration problem? What will he be proposing for our continued support of NATO both financially and politically?

Here is my list of items that are required to make America great again:

Stop talking about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and develop a plan to make it function better and cost less. Do the deal with amendments and have it ready by 2018.

Change its name if required to make it a Republican idea, but don't push it back to the states to administer. Keep it national.

Clarify the concept of how educational choice can be achieved and who would pick up the tab for any expensive changes to the current system.

Get serious about defining how he sees us relating to our allies and those not so friendly with us. In other words, develop a definitive foreign policy.

Find ways to work with Democrats. We spent the better part of eight years hissing at the opposition instead of taking some opportunities to compromise on meaningful legislation.

Back away from the mistaken idea that global warming will simply go away if you ignore it. If you must, make it easier for fossil fuel producers, but come up with a plan for handling carbon emissions and CO2.

Sit down with the governors and find out what's on their shopping list. Most are concerned about their roads, their bridges, their school buildings and sewer systems. That's infrastructure for those who live in towers or in the White House.

That's my six-pack of things to do. Lets see how man he can get started in the next 40 days. While we are waiting for the special investigation to clear up all those Russian rumors, he can get the swamp drained down there in DC. Who knows, maybe his approval rating might go up.

Bill Dawson