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Region was defined as Palestine long before creation of Israel

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To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle ("What claim do Muslim Arabs have for claiming Palestine?") dismisses the U.N. as a "pack of jackals" in response to a recent Security Council resolution condemning Israel's settlements. He doesn't seem to understand that the U.N. is made up of independent states including our closes allies, such as Britain. In fact, Britain, along with Japan and France, as members of the U.N. Security Council, voted for the resolution that offended Mr. Earle.

As for Mr. Earle's attempt to erase Palestine, his opinion is trumped by voluminous historical records. The region was defined as Palestine long before the creation of Israel. In 1905 The World Zionist Organization proclaimed its intention to "direct all future settlement efforts solely to Palestine." The all-important 1917 Balfour Declaration referred to "Palestine" and the "existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.. In 1922 the League of Nations granted Britain the "Palestine Mandate," which referred to the "inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion."
I am very thankful that The Laconia Daily Sun prints enlightening letters from well-informed people like Janet Simmon.

Patricia Saenger