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Gilford schools need your support, please attend tonight's hearing

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To The Daily Sun,

After attending several Budget Committee meetings regarding the presentation of the Gilford School District's budget, I must say that I have been disillusioned with the attitude of certain members of this committee. There has been an underlying caustic feeling that is present at every meeting that I have attended. In one instance a long-standing School District employee was asked to testify under oath. The budget presented was called fake and bogus. I, for one, could not believe what was being said.

On January 10, Mr. Silber, Budget Committee chair, stated that the negotiations for the new teacher's contract (2017-2020) were not conducted at arm's length, and that he felt these negotiations were not conducted fairly because of conflict of interest on Sue Allen's part. To question the integrity of a woman who has served the community of Gilford for over 24 years is at best disgraceful. Mrs. Allen has distinguished herself over and
over again. There is now a Champion for Children award in Gilford. Mrs. Allen was the first person to receive this prestigious award. Her name came forward quickly and without hesitation. Her commitment to this community has been over many years and in many capacities. The citizens of Gilford should be thankful that people like Sue have served, and continue to serve, this community so well.

Our school board and our administrators have made every attempt to satisfy the Budget Committee and make the budget as transparent as possible. It is understandable that this committee is being very diligent and they should be, however, after a three-hour meeting and still no confirmation on the school budget (being tabled) another meeting was called. At this meeting the Budget Committee decided they could not support the teachers' contract. The school budget still under scrutiny. The budget that will be brought forward for voter input tonight at a public hearing to be held at Gilford High School in the auditorium. I ask all that can, attend this meeting.

Some of the people on the Budget Committee do not, in my opinion, and the opinion of others, represent the majority of residents in our community, and their support for our schools and the education of our youth.
Our children, teachers, and School Board members need your support! Attending the public hearing on Thursday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. is vital, as is your participation in the electoral process in March. Remember YOUR vote counts

Beth DeVivo