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Bristol doesn't need 14,000-sq.-ft. building for 18 employees

To The Daily Sun,

What are we to do, raise taxes to support a Taj Mahal of a new Town Hall — looks great on paper — or do we do the right thing and listen to people such as Dave Hill, who supports moving the police station.

We need to take the smart route and look at changing the concept by interchanging which building is located on the new lot. By relocating the police station with a more conservatively designed building along with renovating the existing Town Hall should, in effect, have a more acceptable bottom line. This is but one of many options that are available to keeping our cost down. We need more competition on the design and actual needs.

What we didn't hear is what criteria was determined to generate the building design. What we heard was "we need this."

How many police and town employees are we expecting to go forward with? What was presented were buildings totaling 14,000-square-feet to accommodate our existing workforce of 18 people, or approximately 750-square-feet per person. Where was the use of good building design employed?

Normally basic designs of police and town officials is between 300- and 350-square-feet per person. Even allowing for some expansion this design is beyond where our rural community should be. I admired Ned Gordon for trying to justify the project, but we need to be realistic with what we need for our Police Department and town officials.

I say table this project and not bring it to a warrant but revisit, rethink and stay focus on a affordable solution.

Ernie Richards



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To make Mr. Armstrong happy I guess we should all stay inside

To The Daily Sun,

I read the Nov. 7 letter from Don Armstrong and must admit I’m stunned. Mr. Armstrong, in short order, ripped bike riders, runners, walkers and entire families who are outside trying to enjoy themselves as obnoxious idiots. I guess we should all just stay inside and he would be very happy. I really don’t understand how a person who claims to have ridden a bike all over trails in Virginia and New England, and to work every day is so bitter against bike riders.

I also don’t understand what any of his ranting has to do with the rail right-of-way or the WOW Trail. I am 67-years-old and ride my bike four or five days a week. The best thing about riding all over New Hampshire is the great reception I get from people in all the towns I ride through, and most people are courteous to me as I am to them.

I don’t care what side of the rail or WOW Trail you are on, people who are out riding, running or walking as a family don’t need to be called obnoxious idiots.

Mr. Armstrong, if you still ride or run, I hope to see you out on the road or the WOW Trail, and I promise if I do I won’t call you an obnoxious idiot. Nobody deserves that. I think most will agree, enjoying the outdoors is what the Lakes Region is all about.

Mike Altieri


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