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Please join me in voting for Vincent Paul Migliore

To The Daily Sun,

We are all aware of the opiod crisis in this country and how critical it has become in our State of New Hampshire. The problem is overwhelming and now even dangerous for emergency personnel, and the human toll on society is enormous. Like everyone, I’d like to see a concrete, effective approach to attacking the problem. I’m not personally a fan of big government, but when government effectively regulates for the common good, it is serving us as we elected people to do. Hopefully you’ve taken time to read Vincent Paul Migliore’s recently offered root-cause solution to oipiod crisis on just such an approach. He cites examples of other states that are finding success with effective prescription drug monitoring plans that work in concert with the medical and pharmacy professionals. To me, his articulation and understanding of the problem proves he will work tirelessly to find ways for our state to implement monitoring that will also work for New Hampshire.

Electing Vincent on September 5 will put a strong, committed, and proven leader in Concord. He will bring a focus to issues — just like his critical thinking on the opiod crisis — on education, Northern pass and economic growth. He understands what the state representative scope of authority is and doesn’t make promises on issues that are outside that domain. In other words, he’ll put his efforts on issues where something can and should be done, with leadership at the state level. Vincent Paul Migliore has a proven 10 year track record on the Newfound School Board, including tenure as chairman. During that decade, he was at the forefront in bringing fiscal responsibility and accountability to our schools but with the sensitivity to improving student outcomes at a fair cost to taxpayers.

Please cast a vote for Vincent Migliori on September 5, the day after Labor Day — an appropriate day to elect someone who will work for *us,* and not his own personal gain.

Dr. Jerry OConnor

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Actors who perform to the best of their ability at every show

To The Daily Sun,

I was fortunate enough to catch one of the last performances of "Gypsy" at Interlakes Summer Theatre, starring the incomparable Nancy Barry as Rose, along with a glorious company as we bid au revoir to the 2017 season. It was a spectacular season, from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" to "South Pacific", from "Cats" to "Gypsy," and we look forward to more exciting shows in 2018.

I want to personally thank Nancy for her hard work and dedication in helping to bring musical theatre to the Lakes Region each summer the past 10 years. Nancy and the staff at ILST work tirelessly throughout the year to secure productions, negotiate rights, sell tickets, put together a company of performers and do anything within their power to bring music and dancing to the Interlakes stage throughout the summer. It is hard work, and their efforts should not be taken for granted.

Since I have written a number of letters to this wonderful publication over the years extolling the virtues of ILST and Ms. Barry, I've been asked by a couple of people why I feel the need to write about the theatre so often. Has the theatre asked me to write letters on their behalf maybe? The answer to that is no, the theatre hasn't asked me to write letters.

I write as often as I do because I am a fan of the musical theatre experience. But there is something more to it when it comes to Interlakes Summer Theatre. If you attended any show this year and had the opportunity to read the playbill you were handed, and took some time to read the bios of the performers, one aspect of their collective bios was quickly apparent. Their age. By and large, they are all students. They are here to hone their skills, to rehearse hour after hour to fine tune their performance and to bring some entertainment into my world.

But it's more than that. These young people are the next generation of performers. They know in their hearts that they have to continue to improve hour to hour, day to day and performance to performance. Rest assured they work their tails off each and every day as they strive to improve to hopefully make that jump to the next level.

I have gone to other theatres, to other shows, where it at times seemed performers were sleep walking through a script. They sometimes seemed bored. But not at ILST. The various performers, Julia Suriano, Emma Flynn, Patrick Sharpe, Rachel Wirtz, Mikey LoBalsamo and so many others perform to the best of their ability each time they walk on to that stage. They give the audience everything that they have. It's inspiring. It's entertaining. And it's fun! I get their best at every performance. I can't ask for anything more.

So that's my story. I hope you consider buying a seasons pass for the 2018 season. Nancy and staff will assemble another group of performers next year. The shows will be entertaining and fun. And rest assured everyone involved with ILST will be giving you the best they've got!

Vincent Martino
Hanover, Mass.

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