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When it comes to home health care, you decide who you invite in

To The Daily Sun,

I often find myself answering these questions from friends and neighbors all over the Lakes Region: "What is a VNA?" What does the VNA do?
Aren't all Visiting Nurse Associations part of the same organization?

As the executive director of the Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association, I'm writing today to answer these great questions so that the people in our community will understand the valuable services that the LRVNA provides. When people use the acronym VNA, it most often means Visiting Nurse Association or Visiting Nurse Agency. It is NOT affiliated with the Veteran's Administration or any government service. There are thousands of Visiting Nurse Association's throughout the country, and there are quite a few right here in the Lakes Region. They can be non-profit, for profit, stand alone or hospital based.

This type of organization provides a variety of nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapies, licensed nursing assistance, and medical social work in the comfort of your home. However, VNA's are NOT all alike, and they are most definitely not all related or part of the same organization.

For example, my organization is the Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association (LRVNA). We are a non-profit, local standalone organization that was founded in 1923. The LRVNA was formed from the Moultonborough Visiting Nurse Service and the Meredith Public Health Nursing Association. Over the years, our growth now provides services to Gilford, Laconia, Tuftonborough, Sandwich, Belmont and Tilton, along with our original towns, Meredith, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough. The LRVNA assists patients based on need, not on the ability to pay. We are a local organization that is invested in our community and run by a volunteer local board of directors. Our goal is to be integrated in our community, making decisions based on local community needs. We have our annual meeting in the local community center and spend your money wisely, knowing where every dollar comes from. We don't have any high paid owners or investors. We're right here in the community and are here when you need us, within 24 hours. Our focus is the wellness of our community ... not selling services for a profit driven company. There is a big difference!

With the increase of large, for profit agencies making their way into our area, I felt it my duty to help people understand that when it comes to home care, you can make your own decision who you bring into your home. I hope that you will choose Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association. Our non-profit continuing mission is to provide compassionate care right here in the Lakes Region as we have done since 1923. If you or your family members are ever in need of in-home care, please ask for the care of the Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association.

Cheryl Gonzalo, Executive Director

Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association

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