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We know that working together is best way to create positive change

To The Daily Sun,

As nonprofits across New Hampshire look for new ways to collaborate and share resources to achieve goals, it's refreshing to see it happening right here in the Lakes Region. Recently, three nonprofits combined efforts to solve important space needs for critical community programs.

United Way has been a long-time partner in the community, with several offices located across the area including one in Laconia. When the merger with Granite United Way in 2013 offered additional resources and the need for less space, the organization began looking for ways to keep local staff available while maximizing the use of their building located at 95 Water St. in Laconia.

It was during that same time that the Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center's found itself outgrowing its space and finding a new home became a high priority for the nonprofit organization. Granite United Way's 95 Water St. building offered the privacy and appropriate space they needed to work with children they were serving in Belknap County.

The two organizations partnered together and developed an attractive rent-to-own arrangement that would provide Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center the time they needed to raise funds and prepare for the purchase of their new home. This month, the Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center will officially become the new owners of the 95 Water St. property in Laconia.

With the Laconia-based Granite United Way staff still needing office space, Genesis Behavioral Health, graciously offered the team space in their administrative offices location on Beacon Street West in downtown Laconia.

We all know that working together is the best way to create positive change in our community. Families and children across this region will receive enhanced services because three organizations have collaborated together to build a stronger community.

 Meghan Noyes

Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center

Maggie Pritchard

Genesis Behavioral Health

Scoop Welch

Granite United Way


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