No Room at the Hoosegow

While the town ponders a proposal to build a new police station, Chief Evans Juris is renting storage trailers for his department's evidence and records. The Selectmen yesterday approved Juris's request to rent two trailers — eight feet high, eight feet wide and twenty feet long — at $75 per month apiece, or $1800 a year. The chief told the Selectmen there is no more space in the Town Hall. Originally Juris planned to rent one trailer forty feet long, but recalled that protocol ...

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Board turns to NHSBA for help in finding superintendent

Meeting last evening, the Gilford school board approved a proposal recommended by its administrative search committee to retain the services of the New Hampshire School Board Association (NHSBA) to assist in the search for a new superintendent. "Their proposal represented a better value for the money being spent," explained board member and search committee chair Margo Weeks, noting that the NHSBA was willing to reduce its rates to compensate for some of the work having already been ...

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Why the gap on north main street?

For those who may be wondering why the fresh blacktop on North Main Street ends at Old North Main Street only to resume at Lexington Drive, here is the explanation. The roadway north of Lexington Drive — Parade Road (Rte. 106) — is the responsibility of the state Department of Transportation which is repaving the surface all the way to Meredith. Meanwhile, Director of Public Works Frank Tilton explained, the city scheduled the stretch of North Main Street between the southern end of ...

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