Goodfellas Bust

Michael Desrosiers of Holderness was arrested following an altercation at Goodfellas Restaurant and Bar on Main Street Friday night. Officers Michael Assad and Andrew Magdich were in the bar in plainclothes checking for underage drinking when, around 10:30 p.m., Assad spotted two men yelling and screaming at each other. Allegedly Desrosiers, who had been asked to leave the bar by a bouncer, was refusing to cooperate. Assad and Magdich approached the pair, identifying themselves as ...

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Lanigan: Beer & Guns

Eric Lanigan, 20, of 129 Franklin Street was arrested Friday evening in the parking lot outside the Case N'Keg on Union Avenue when he was allegedly found transporting a 12-pack of beer and carrying two loaded pistols. Officers Michael Assad and Andrew Magdich, both in plainclothes, were patrolling for underage drinking when they saw a man get out of a pickup truck, enter the store, leave with the beer and return to the passenger seat of the truck. As the truck began to pull out of ...

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Fraser says biz park lots won't be sold to manufacturers

Mayor Mark Fraser said Saturday that given the state of American manufacturing it is unlikely that Lakes Business Park is going to attract major new employers to the area. And the inter-municipal authority that is managing the development must, therefore, he said, concern itself with selling lots to willing, available buyers. "New plants are not going to happen," Fraser told conservative activist Niel Young on his radio show, The Advocates. "Now we've got to fill the park." ...

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