Milfoil herbicide to be applied in Paugus Bay after Labor Day


LACONIA — Application of a powerful herbicide in Paugus Bay will be limited to areas away from the intake pipes for the city's drinking water, Laconia Water Superintendent Seth Nuttelman said Monday.

The herbicide 2,4-D will be applied to control milfoil, a non-native, green, slimy plant that chokes shallow water, crowds out native plants, damages habitat, snags fishing lures and clogs boat engines.

Its application will be limited to two areas. One is in the northernmost part of the bay near the Weirs Bridge and Thurston's Marina. The other is to the south, near Lakeport Landing Marina, which is downstream of the city's water intake.

"These are areas where the milfoil has thrived over the years," Nuttelman said.

He said that testing during previous applications failed to detect any evidence that the herbicide was getting into the city's drinking water.

"I've got a comfort level we won't see anything at all this time either," Nuttelman said.

The herbicide will be applied in September after Labor Day. Divers using suction hoses will also be part of the weed-removal effort. 

The city has $46,000 to fund the milfoil control program, including almost $14,000 in state funds.

Nuttelman said that ultimately it would be good to do a study to better understand water flow patterns in Paugus Bay. Information from such a study could be used to guide future herbicide applications.

City Manager Scott Myers said such a study would cost $170,000 and funding has not been identified to do this.

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Good Morning Gilmanton program lets police keep in touch with elderly residents


GILMANTON — Local police are now accepting signups for the Good Morning Gilmanton program, a special outreach designed to assist community residents who live alone or who have special needs.
Police Chief Matt Currier said the program allows residents to make daily contact with the police department to ensure that they are OK, and further allows for their independence and ability to stay in their homes.
"We're asking those who sign up for the program to call us between 9 and 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. If we don't hear from them, we''ll try an emergency contact number they have provided us with. If there's no answer, we will send an officer to their home to check on their well being."
He said the program allows family, friends or neighbors the security of knowing that the individual is having regular daily contact.
Those signing up will be asked to provide a key to their home, which will be kept in safe location at the police department in the event it is needed in an emergency.
The first person to sign up for the program this week was 88-year-old Mary MacMillan, a resident of the town for 25 years who has no close relatives in the area. She lives with her 85-year-old husband, Don, who has Alzheimer's, and said it will be a comforting feeling for her to know that in she will have daily contact with the police.
MacMillan said her husband was recently recognized for his contributions by the Gilmanton Snowmobile Club and was very pleased that people showed up.
She said the closest thing she has to a relative in town is Police Chief Currier, whom she has known since he was born, which made it natural for her to be the first person to sign up for the Good Morning Gilmanton program.
For more information on the program, contact the Gilmanton Police Department at 603-267-7401.

05-08 Good Morning Gilmanton
Mary MacMillan, 88, became the first person to sign up for the Good Morning Gilmanton program which will keep people in touch with police on a daily basis. She is shown with Police Chief Matt Currier. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

Laconia Police Log 4/21-5/3

Laconia police responded to 759 calls for service from 1:14 p.m. April 21 through 11:52 a.m. Wednesday, including 15 for theft, nine for assault, four for drugs and one for burglary. A total of 27 people were arrested.

Arrested on April 21 was Cameron C. Crane, 18, a transient, on a charge of unlawful possession and intoxication.
Arrested on April 22 were Matthew R. Swormstedt, 21, of 16 Birdie Way, on a bench warrant; Erica J. Dearborn Hodgman, 34, of 103 Emerald Drive, on a warrant; Janellel Denea Moulton, 29, of 416 Union Ave., Apt. 2, on a warrant; Danielle V. Vintilla, 28, of 64 McGrath St., on charges of driving under the influence, alcohol ignition interlock circumvention and possession of drugs in a motor vehicle; Scott King, 24, of 368 Bean Hill Road, Belmont, on charges of driving after revocation.

Arrested on April 23 were Nicolas Cook, 20, of 24 Twin Bridge Road, Northfield, N.H., on charges of transportation of alcoholic beverages by a minor and driving under the influence; Michael McGrath, 32, of 200 Lincoln Ave., Oakcreek, Colo., on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking and criminal trespass; Haley L. Jesus, 20, of 15 McGrath St., on a charge of domestic violence; Justin Lampros, 25, of 210 High Street, of Bath, Maine, on a warrant.
Arrested on April 24 were Jason Robert Sabin, 33, of 1156 North Main St., Apt. 18, on a bench warrant, domestic violence and second-degree assault; Eliana Khrystina Fontanez, 24, of 10 Eastman Shore South Road, on a charge of operating without a license.
Arrested on April 25 were Bryon T. Hilliard, 25, a transient, on a bench warrant; Jessica Warman, 39, a transient, on a bench warrant; Dennis E. Blais Jr., 41, a transient, on a bench warrant.
Arrested on April 26 was Steven R. Rei, 27, of 180 Union Ave., Apt. 3, on default or breach of bail conditions.
Arrested on April 27 were Roland L. Patten Sr., 72, of 107 Academy St., Apt. 1, on charges of violation and contempt of protective order, stalking; Christopher J. Greene, 24, a transient, on a bench warrant.
Arrested on Friday was John Arthur Cathcart, 52, a transient, on a warrant.
Arrested on Saturday were Tyler James Marchand, 24, a transient, on a bench warrant; Chance R. O'Connell, 20, of 20 Carver St., on a bench warrant; Lynn C. Hamberger, 40, a transient, on a warrant; Dennis M. Vaughan, 61, of 3 Reed's Lane, Belfast, Maine, on a warrant.
Arrested on Sunday were John R. Parenteau, 23, a transient, on a bench warrant; Sarah Ruth Swett, 29, of 53 Gale Ave., on a bench warrant; Michael J. Eddy, 28, of 9 Bedford Lane, Gilford, on a charge of driving after revocation.

Arrested on Monday was Jesse R. McCarthy, 23, of 580B Cherry Valley Road, Gilford, on a bench warrant.
Arrested on Tuesday was Jeffrey T. Wyatt, 37, a transient, on a bench warrant.