City, Belmont agree to share fire chief


LACONIA — The city ratified a one-year contract with the town of Belmont Monday night that will consolidate fire chief services between the two communities.

Belmont will pay the city $78,750 in the first year of the contract and 25 percent of the chief's vehicle expenses and 25 percent of the chief's education and certification expenses.

The city will continue to carry the fire chief as an employee of the city and will be responsible for paying all wages, payroll taxes, retirement contributions, worker's compensations, unemployment services and any other applicable benefits to him or his designees while acting as the Belmont fire chief.

Belmont will provide liability insurance to protect itself and its officials, volunteers and employees while in the scope of official duties. Should the fire chief be unable to perform his duties, the city agrees to provide those services to Belmont.

The sharing of chief services is not intended to adversely impact Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association and Belmont will retain its vote in the association.