Temp drainage system at new LHS fields held up during heavy rains

LACONIA — City School District Business Administrator Ed Emond said Thursday that the temporary drainage system installed at and around the new Bank of New Hampshire Stadium now under-construction behind the High School worked during this week's rains.
With no further damage to the fields, Emond said the contractor is preparing to dig test pits to determine the best way to fix the foundation under Jim Fitzgerald Field, where the Sachems will play this fall. The field will feature an all-weather "Field Turf" surface that needs to have a solid but porous base below it.
Emond also said it is two months until the first home football game and there is no reason to think it won't be played as scheduled.
On July 3, the Joint Building Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the damage done to all three fields by torrential rains during the previous weekend.
Engineers explained the damage to board members and identified some drainage remedies that had already been taken to stop future runoff damage.
Also presented were some suggested permanent fixes to the fields which are still being designed. The full committee voted to give co-chairs Bob Hamel from the City Council and Joe Cormier from the School Board the authority to approve the changes without the full committee.
Engineers said the key issue with Fitzgerald Field is the drainage material in the sub field over which the artificial turf will be installed. Not crowned, the sub-field material is supposed to absorb the water that drains through the Field Turf.
Engineers and committee members learned from the earlier deluge that the base is not properly absorbing rainwater and are preparing to dig test pits to determine why.
Fortunately, said Emond, engineers and the JBC learned about the problem before the synthetic field was installed.