Longtime City Councilor Armand Bolduc hospitalized with cancer


LACONIA — Armand Bolduc, who has served on the City Council for 34 years and is mayor pro tem, has been hospitalized with a serious form of abdominal cancer.

Armand BolducSpeaking from his room at Lakes Region General Hospital on Monday, Bolduc, 79, said he checked into the hospital about a week ago with major pain and has been there ever since. Before this medical crisis, he had not seen a doctor in many years.

“It was right across my stomach and it was hard as a rock,” he said. “It hit me like a hammer.”

He said he was unable to take food or water for a week.

Bolduc said no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatments are planned.

Bolduc said his hope is to continue serving on the City Council. The procedure for filling a councilor vacancy calls for the City Council to name a replacement for the rest of the two-year term.

Bolduc won re-election in Ward 6 on Nov. 7, defeating restaurateur Reuben Bassett by a vote of 226-191.

As mayor pro tem, Bolduc presided over City Council meetings for four months while Mayor Ed Engler received treatment in California for colon cancer. Engler returned last month.

Bolduc grew up on a family farm in Gilford, one of 14 children. They were raised in a house that was built in 1779 and is still standing.

He recalled recently that the work day began at 4 a.m. with chores that included milking, haying and canning. Many of the neighbor kids would join in the work, knowing they would get a good farm breakfast.

Milk was delivered throughout the area, and when the snow was too deep for a truck, a horse-pulled sleigh was used.

The farmland now supports a herd of bison.

Every year, Bolduc, his brother, Ernie, and their friend, Councilor Bob Hamel, put together a Christmas Village at the Laconia Community Center, 306 Union Ave., complete with numerous elves who preside over games and gifts for children. The elaborate presentation has been done for more than 40 years.