Broken pipes cause damage downtown as temperatures increase


LACONIA — As temperatures have risen above freezing, pipes that were frozen and damaged during recent frigid weather have begun to leak and cause damage, Fire Chief Ken Erickson said Thursday.

“We’ve had probably nine broken pipe calls,” he said. “We’ve also seen an increase in carbon monoxide calls as heating systems are being pushed this month and people are not going outside.”

One call involved a broken heat pipe on the third floor of Laconia High School. Another was at 12 Veterans Square in the former church that had housed The Holy Grail of the Lakes restaurant.

Problems related to the weather have increased fire department call volume to 16 a day in January.

Erickson said that, with fire or carbon monoxide alarms, calls should go directly to 911. He said there has been an increase in people who call directly to the fire station, which isn’t appropriate for emergencies because firefighters could be out on a call and unable to pick up the phone.