Dog saves overdose victim

BELMONT — Police say a "very smart" German shepherd held up traffic to alert someone that its owner was in distress, which led to medics saving the man from a drug overdose.
Lt. Richard Mann said the police department received a report of a loose dog that would not move for traffic on Friday night. Officer Kristopher Kloetz determined who owned the dog and he walked the animal the short distance to the owner’s residence shortly before midnight.
After trying to get someone to answer the door, which was slightly ajar, Kloetz entered the residence to find the unconscious owner on the floor with a weak pulse and irregular breathing. He summoned medics who determined that the man had overdosed on a narcotic drug.
They administered Narcan and the man who had been close to death recovered while on the way to the hospital.
“It did not take much to realize this animal knew something was wrong with its owner and went to get help the only way he knew how,” Mann said. “He better buy that dog a steak. There is no doubt in our minds the animal saved that man’s life.”